Valentines Day 2021

There’s nothing more romantic than cooking a meal for your significant other on Valentine’s Day. Here’s a few meal ideas to earn yourself a few brownie points 😉.


Going on a picnic date? Try this Pork Milanese Sandwich with a tomato salad as a side. Click here Or maybe make some small canapes like our Roast Pork, Cranberry & Gorgonzola Bruschetta. Click Here


Pork Milanese Sandwich with Tomato Salad

Milanese Pork Sandwich



Roast Pork, Cranberry & Gorgonzola Bruschetta

Roast Pork and Cranberry Bruschetta - Leg Roast



Feeling a bit adventurous this Valentines day? Dive into our Jungle Pork Curry Click Here, then finish off the night with the Maple Bacon Cannoli Click Here.


Jungle Pork Curry

Jungle Pork Curry



Maple Bacon Cannoli

Maple Bacon Cannoli

Double date? Get them started on this mouthwatering Maple Bacon and Pecan Cheeseball Click Here. Next impress your loved ones with a Pork Roast with Salted Caramel Potatoes Click Here.


Maple Bacon and Pecan Cheeseball

Bacon,maple and pecan cheeseball





Roast Pork with Salted Caramel Potatoes

Leg Roast with salted caramel potatoes