Tapas Style Food

Here’s some delicious tapas style food that’s easy to make and share!


Pork Chippies

The kids won’t want chicken chippies anymore after they try these golden crunchy pork chippies.

SunPork Fresh Foods - Extra Crunchy Pork Chippies

Sweet Pork Wrapped in Betel Leaf (Bo La Lot)

This is a great little street food from Vietnam as a snack for a family or pre-make for some party finger food.

SunPork Sweet Pork Wrapped in Betel Leaf

Crispy Pork Belly Braised in Sweet Coconut Sauce

Summer holidays are feeling like a distant memory…This sweet and crispy pork belly with a fresh and tropical coconut sauce will transport you back and help you count down the days till the next break!

SunPork Fresh Foods - Crispy Pork Belly Braised in Sweet Coconut Sauce

Bacon Guacamole Cheese Ball

These bite-sized bacon and guacamole balls will take your entertaining game to the next level. Fresh guacamole with salty bacon, how could you go wrong?

SunPork Fresh Foods - Bacon & Guacamole Cheese Ball

Pork Belly Burnt Ends

What could be better than sweet, sticky cubes of thick and juicy pork belly, smoked low and slow to perfection. These heavenly bites are bursting with flavour and are a definite crowd pleaser.