Back to School.

Are we there yet? Yes…yes we are. It’s back to school time! Parents, it’s time to celebrate, after a turbulent year of lockdowns and border closures, with kids being at home so much – they can finally get back to learning. Hopefully we can make that transition a little easier by giving you some easy recipes that the kids will enjoy!


Easy Mini Ham and Cheese Quiche

Try this quick and easy ham cheese quiches! They’re great for the lunch box and freeze well to thaw out in time for lunch! Click here

Ham Cheese and Corn Quiches


Savoury Bacon, Cranberry & Brie Tartlets

What about Savoury Bacon, Cranberry & Brie Tartlets? You can make them bigger as well 😊 Click here

Savory Bacon, Cranberry & Brie Tartlets


Bacon, Cream Cheese & Smoked Chicken Croissants

Maybe something a bit more substantial like this Bacon, Cream Cheese & Smoked Chicken Croissant. Click here

Bacon Chicken and Cream Cheese Croissants


Pork Crackle Cookies

Or try these Pork Crackle Cookies as a snack. Click here