Wet vs Dry Rubs

Everyone loves tucking into a juicy rack of pork ribs, but what’s the best method to make sure you get tenderness packed with flavour? There’s a whole host of dry rubs out there to choose from, and just as many sauces as well! For the best results, we recommend you use a combination of both in your recipe. Here’s why:

Dry Rub

SunPork Fresh Foods - Dry Rub Ribs

After preparing your SunPork Fresh Foods Ribs for the smoker (trimming fat and removing the membrane), start by coating them with a dry rub.

Dry rubs protect the meat when grilling low and slow and add all important colour to the meat. Dry rubs allow the sugars to caramelise instead of burn, sealing in heat and juiciness and allowing a unique bark to form.

Wet Rubs

SunPork Fresh Foods - Wet Rub Ribs
Wet rubs are applied closer to the end of the cooking process. They should be applied roughly 20 mins before you pull them out of the smoker, then reapplied again after the ribs have rested. Finishing with a wet sauce at the end of the cook allows sugars to caramelise instead of burn, creating a glossy finish that locks in flavour.

Keen to try this process? Check out our recipe below:

Rustic Mustard Barbecue Pork Ribs


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