How to add some extra crackle to your Christmas…

SunPork Fresh Foods - 10 Rib Rack Crackle

Most would agree that Pork Roast is a staple for the Christmas table, not only because it’s tender and delicious, but more importantly, it’s the bearer of salty crunchy crackling. To ensure you have a crackling Christmas, follow our tips and tricks when cooking your SunPork 10 Rib Rack from Costco this Christmas!

How to Make It


1. Using a sharp knife, score the rind at 1cm intervals.


Tip: Be sure to completely cut through the skin and fat but not the meat. (The aim is to have crunchy crackle and tender, juicy meat).

2. Pour half a jug of boiling water all over the rind. This helps to open the pores in the skin and the scores you just made.

3. Pat dry with a paper towel, squeezing as much moisture out of the rind as possible.


Tip:  The key to crunchy crackle starts with a really dry rind!

4. Grab a deep based baking tray and place in the fridge overnight, uncovered. This process really helps to dry the skin out and ensures you’ll get that perfect crunchy crackle.


Tip:  If you can’t place it in the fridge overnight, we would recommend, if time allows, to leave the scored roast uncovered on the bottom rack of the fridge for 1 hour. This process further dries the rind and aids the crackling process.

5. Using ¼ cup of table salt and oil, cover the entire rind. Rub the salt deeply into the rind to create the perfect bubbly crackle.


Tip:  Make sure the salt penetrates the scores.

6. It’s time to roast the amazing SunPork 10 Rib Rack you have prepared. Cook times vary depending on the weight of your Rib Rack, but a good rule of thumb when roasting pork is 1.5 hrs at 220°C then reduce the temperature to 180°C for a further 20 mins/kg.


Tip: High to low – start the crackling process early with higher heat, then finish off slowly to ensure tender meat on the inside.

7. Rest for 10 mins before carving to allow all those delicious cooking juices to be reabsorbed. Enjoy!