Cocktails to go with your Pork Roast.

You’ve gone to a lot of effort to create the perfect Pork Roast and now you’re a little thirsty. Why not try some of these cocktails that compliment all that delicious tender pork and crunchy crackle?


Apple Martini (Appletini)

An underrated apple flavoured cocktail, that’s delicious as hell! It’s sweet, it’s sour and it’s fun to mix up. As JD from Scrubs would say “One Appletini please. Easy on the tini”.

appletini cocktail


This is a classic cocktail with lime, mint and white rum. It’s light, refreshing and looks pretty classy in any setting.

mojito cocktail

Honey Bee (Honeysuckle)

This utterly delightful cocktail has a perfect balance between sweet and spicy from the honey, spiced rum and citrus.

Honeybee/Honeysuckle cocktail