KoAL is our premium brand for high-quality pork offal products made available for export, particularly to Asia where pork offal has a high demand.

SunPork’s commitment to providing high-quality pork products of all varieties means that Koal pork offal follows all export guidelines and regulations, and is easily traceable via Physi-Trace technologies.

As the sales and marketing arm of the largest Australian owned pork producer, we take pride in all of our pork products – both for those sold locally and abroad. We also offer a further range of export pork products, which you can find out about by visiting our Export page.

KoAL Offals Range
  • Kidneys


  • Hearts


  • Liver


  • Hind Trotters

    Hind Trotters

  • Short Front Feet

    Short Front Feet

  • Scalded Maws

    Scalded Maws

  • Swiss Tongue

    Swiss Tongue

Our Recipes

I want some pork on my fork

pork shoulder

Spooky Pulled Pork Pies

3 hrs Capable Cooks 6 people
Pork Belly

Pork Belly Dumplings

50 mins Easy 4 people
Pork Mince

Turkish Gozleme with Ground Pork

1 hour Capable Cooks 6 people
Pork Loin

Jägerschnitzel with Spätzle

40 mins Capable Cooks 4 people
Pork Mince

Turkish Pide with Ground Pork

1 hour Capable Cooks 2 people