Wet vs Dry Rubs

Wet vs Dry RubsEveryone loves tucking into a juicy rack of pork ribs, but what’s the best method to make sure you get tenderness packed with flavour? There’s a whole host of dry rubs out there to choose from, and just as many sauces as well! For the best results,...


Dan & Steph’s Meat vs Sweet

It’s everyones favourite couple Dan & Steph from MKR. Together they are the winning team, partners in business and soul mates for life, until now. It's on! Mate vs mate, the knives are out and the gloves are off. Join us at Meatstock 2023. Who will be this...

SunPork Fresh Foods - Dan & Steph Meat vs Sweet

Costco Pork Value Box

Our new Pork Value Pack has hit shelves at Costco this month! This pack is crammed with quality Aussie pork cuts at a great price, so you can feed the whole family on a budget. Check out what’s included below with some tips and tricks on what to do with these...