BBQ Cuts

Pork Perfection BBQ GuidePork and BBQ go hand in hand, but which cuts should you choose? Our quick BBQ guide will help you select the right cut for the right occasion.Pork Belly Succulent and tender, pork belly is a rich and versatile cut.  With the perfect balance...

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Bacon Month

Bacon Month!August is BACON month at SunPork, and in honour of this delectable cut of pork we are dedicating all posts to this juicy and delicious rasher!   Why have a whole month dedicated to Bacon, why not?    For us, August is all about BaconFest, and...

SunPork Fresh Foods - Celebrating All Things Bacon This Month

Our Top Recipes Using Pantry Staples

Our Top Recipes Using Pantry Staples Stuck at home with oodles of noodles, pasta and rice? Check out our top recipes using pantry staples. These ‘carbalicious’ recipes will create tasty dinners the whole family will enjoy.   Pork Loin and Pesto Orecchiette...

Our Top Recipes Using Pantry Staples

Top 10 Freezer Friendly Meals

Top 10 Freezer Friendly Meals Check out our top 10 freezer friendly meals to batch cook this week and freeze for later! Prepare ahead, save some time and reduce food waste with these family friendly recipe ideas.   Farmhouse Sausage Pasta Bake Prepare a big...


Where to find our Dan & Steph sausages

Where to find our Dan & Steph sausages: Coles store list   If you haven’t yet got your hands on our delicious Three Aussie Farmers Dan and Steph Sausages then scroll down for a full list of Coles Stores that are currently stocking them. Our sausages come...