Pork production is one of the most sustainable ways to produce food.

Our pigs consume a range of by-products including oilseed meals, dried distiller’s grains, wheat milling by-products, animal protein meals, and downgraded crops that otherwise would have no use. 

On our farms, we produce biogas from effluent that can then be used to generate power. At our new Swickers processing plant, technological innovations have allowed us to significantly reduce our water use. 

Our biogas plants on farms convert methane gas from pig waste. We generate 5.7 GWh of electricity per year, and in cooler months this can provide more than 20% of total energy demand on some farms.

Looking forward, our focus will be on further water saving and power generation measures across the business, as well as increasing the proportion of recyclable packaging we use. 

100% Aussie Pork

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