Pork Cuts

The Ultimate Guide

Leg Cuts

Pork Leg Roast

Traditional bone-in or bone-out roast

Pork Leg Steaks

Grill, BBQ or pan-fry

Pork Leg Meat

Slow cook, BBQ, pan-fry or add to stews

Pork Rump

Slow cook, BBQ, pan-fry or add to stews

Pork Topside

Cut into steaks or schnitzels and pan fry or char grill, or cook whole as a mini roast.

Pork Leg Ham

Available in whole or half cuts and fresh or smoked

Pork Shanks

Slow cook or braise

Pork Hind Hock

Slow cook in both Asian and European styles

Hind Trotters

Full of flavour and suprisingly meaty, best slow cooked or braised

Pork Tails

Commonly used in west Indian dishes – smoked, curried, fried, and roasted

Middle Cuts

Pork Belly

Incredibly tender and succulent, slow roast or braise

Pork Spare Ribs

Marinade, BBQ, smoke or slow roast

Meaty Loin Ribs

Standard loin rib with greater meat coverage – BBQ, smoke or slow cook

Pork Rib Rack

Outstanding dinner party favourite, with or without crackling

Pork Bones

Bones give a rich flavour to stocks and soups

Pork MM Loin

‘Main muscle’ loin is lean and delicately flavoured, suited to quick cook methods

Pork Striploin

Whole ‘primal cut’ – cut into thick steaks, slice thin for schnitzels, dice or roast

Pork Tenderloin

Extremely versatile prime cut. Roast, pan-fry, sauté or stir-fry

Pork Loin Roast

Premium boneless roast, rolled and strung – perfect to crackle

Pork Sirloin Roast

Wonderful lean cut, perfect to marinate and roast

Pork Cutlet

Premium loin cut – grill, BBQ or pan-fry

Pork Loin Chops

Grill, BBQ, pan-fry or oven bake

Porterhouse Steak

Premium steak cut from the loin area

Pork Medallions

Succulent tenderloin pieces, centre of plate

Shoulder Cuts

Pork Collar Butt

Marinate and slow cook, BBQ, stew or braise 

Pork Boston Butt Bone-In

Large flavourful cut from the neck and shoulder – slow-roast, BBQ, stew or braise

Pork Easy Carve Shoulder

Good value boneless cut, great to roast, BBQ or braise

Pork Forequarter

Traditional bone-in cut – great to BBQ, braise or roast

Pork Forequarter Chops

Large chops, great to marinate, oven bake, BBQ or grill

Pork Scotch Fillet steaks

Economical steaks with great flavour and tenderness

Pork Riblets

Marinate, BBQ, smoke or slow-roast

Pork Forequarter Hocks

Slow cook or roast

Miscellaneous Cuts


These tasty cuts are excellent quick cook options which will add great flavour to any cuisine

Pork Mince

 A must for authentic bolognese, and a tasty alternative to beef mince!

Diced Pork

Extremely versatile cut, ideal for casseroles, BBQ skewers or stir-frying

Pork Stir-Fry Strips

Perfect for stir-frying

Pork Rind

Ready to crackle in the oven

Red Offal


Half Head




Head Meat

Cheek Meat

Tongue & Roots




Weasand Meat









Flare Fat

Fore Trotters

White Offal

Stomach/ Scalded Maw

Intestine/ Chitterlings

Green Runners



Rectum Fatend

Caul Fat