Our Capabilities


Swickers Kingaroy

The SunPork Group operates one of the world’s leading processing facilities. Swickers, is based in Kingaroy and has been in operation for over 50 years.

This state of the art facility processes fresh pork and distributes widely across Australia and internationally. Swickers is the only Export Accredited pig abattoir in Queensland, and our quality pork is much in demand by our local and export customers.

With construction completed in June 2019, it’s state of the art equipment has been sourced from the best developers in the world. 

This has enabled significant advancement in animal welfare, shelf life, energy efficiency and water saving processes – which ensures that the best quality produce is provided to our customers at the most competitive prices.

Investment in snap chilling facilities has rapidly improved our transition from hot to cold carcase, which means we can offer some of the best shelf life in the market.

Swickers Kingaroy is equipped with some of the most modern smoke houses in Australia, coupled with slow cooking faciltities, set weight portion packing and slicing, shredding and moisture infusion.

Swickers Eagle Farm

This value add facility is located in Brisbane, ideally situated for fast delivery to market.

As demand for convenience increases, we’ve invested heavily in our cutting edge value-add facilities at both our sites to ensure our capabilities are always ready to meet market demand. 

Swickers Eagle Farm produces a range of fresh and value added pork products, from whole primals and portion packed cuts, to marinated and slow cooked products which are designed to offer convenient and tasty solutions for busy lifestyles.


Contract Processing

Recent upgrades have equipped our processing floor with some of the most modern technology in the world.

Capable of processing 750 pigs per hour, this floor incorporates highest welfare unloading, lairage and stunning, automation for increased yield and advanced carcase measurement. 

Today, we have the capacity to process to any trim specification with comprehensive lean meat analysis and same day load out.

Our snap chilling facilities are unique to the Australian market, offering reduced hot to cold shrink and a 5% increase in shelf life across all carcasses.

Contract Boning

Our export accredited boning room has been completely rebuilt after a devastating fire in 2016.

The result is a facility with astounding efficiencies, equipped with modern processing technology to guarantee some of the highest boning yields in the market.

Today, we offer an extensive range of product specifications which can be tailored to individual needs, and full customer reconcilliations per boning run.

Our capabilities include stringing and netting, as well as vacuum and thermoform packaging options which give extended shelf life across all products.

Boxed Pork & Primals

We’re dedicated to producing the highest quality pork, reared sustainably to the highest possible animal welfare standards.

We employ a team of skilled butchers who ensure every cut is prepared the best possible way. Our facility can cater to a wide range of product specifications, with the capacity to produce whole carcasses, boxed primals or portion packed cuts tailored to individual needs. 

Fresh cuts are available for same day dispatch, or can be transferred to our state of the art value-add facilities for further processing.

Smoking & Curing

With some of the most modern smoke houses in Australia, we use traditional practices to produce premium smoked and cured goods for retail and wholesale markets.

These SunPork Fresh Foods products are processed with our cure, a recipe which has been developed and perfected over the past 30 years.

Every piece is smoked with natural wood chips then cooled slowly to enhance flavour and produce the best possible eating experience for our customers.

Slow Cooking

Our steam cookers supply traditional sous vide pork products to food service, retail and wholesale markets. 

With our investment into cooking technology and the finest food technologists, we produce tailored cook cycles suited to every cut for optimum tenderness, texture and mouth feel.

Our sites offer flexible packaging and further processing options to ensure we can develop products which meet a wide range of needs.


We have developed unique shredding capabilities at our Kingaroy site in response to market demand for pulled meats.

Combined with our slow cooking capabilities we can produce tender shredded pork, beef and chicken seasoned with trending flavours from around the globe.


With a culture that encourages innovation, we are constantly on the hunt to convert the next flavour trend to commercially focused success.

Our partnerships with Australia’s leading flavour developers ensure we are first to market with the finest marinades, expertly blended to suit each cut. 

Coupled with our moisture infusion and cooking capabilities, we create consistently rich experiences for our customers.