Helping Communities

We are actively involved in promoting events that help regional communities.

We regularly engage with community events across Australia, contributing financial and in kind support to local sporting clubs, cris support centres and charitable organisations on an ongoing basis.

We have contributed more than $300,000 to charitable organisations and local events in recent years.

“Thank you for your generosity and support donating Christmas hams to our families in need.”

– Dalby Crisis Support Association

We take great pride in supporting charities and fundraisers in the local communities in which we operate 

Our support of the Australian BBQ community has expanded rapidly in recent years

SunPork Fresh Foods is now a major sponsor of several large-scale BBQ festivals across the nation.

We have committed ongoing support to the Kingaroy BaconFest which will now be going into its third year and thriving due to our three year platinum sponsorship partnership. As part of BaconFest we hold a SunPork Smoke Off competition with a category that celebrates the skills of local South Burnett teams – giving them an opportunity to show off their low and slow cooking skills.

“Kingaroy BaconFest is a sizzling three day event, attended by 15,000 people after only two years running. The festival puts Kingaroy on the map, provides a huge economic boost to the region and injects an element of fun into a community hit hard by the drought.”

“Without the support and encouragement of our major sponsor, SunPork Fresh Foods, BaconFest wouldn’t have enjoyed such success. Our volunteer committee will be forever grateful to SunPork Fresh Foods for enabling our dream to become a reality.”

-Kathryn Stevens, Chief Baconeer, Kingaroy BaconFest

We employ 1,500+ staff

SunPork is committed to helping communities by increasing job opportunities and working to maintain the future of the pork industry.

With a thriving industry, we can continue to support jobs along various sectors of the supply chain. We are owned by three Queensland farming families who all have a long association with the pork industry and care about its future, as they do their farms, staff and animals under their care.

We are also very proud of our world first initiative ‘Autism and Agriculture’ through which we employ autistic adults with a high attention to detail in specialist animal care roles to work on our SunPork Farms.