Australian Wholesale Pork Sales – fast, fresh and direct to you!

Want to buy fresh Australian pork direct from the grower? As the sales
and marketing division of the largest pork processor in Australia,
SunPork Fresh Foods sell direct to Wholesalers – offering fresh quality
pork at competitive prices.

The SunPork Group is owned by its founders, 3 Australian farmers with
over 40 years combined experience in pig farming. During this time,
they have invested heavily in technologies, genetics and personnel to
ensure they stay at the forefront of Australian pig processing.
Collectively, our farmer operators own farms across 37 sites, as well
as the largest pig processing facility in Australia based in Kingaroy,
Queensland. The entire production process is under common
management, giving you complete confidence in the product with full
traceability using Physi-trace.


Which Butchers stock our products?

      Are you buying your pork from Australia’s largest pork processor?

      We supply premium 100% Australian pork to wholesale outlets, butchers and distributors across the nation. All pork cuts are available directly to you, whether you need whole sides of pork or boxed primal cuts.

      Wholesale Enquiries

      Phone: 07 3908 1400