The Whole Hog


The Whole Hog

 The Whole Hog

Country of Origin:
Cut Description:

THE WHOLE HOG –  is a full roasting pig that has been prepared retaining the head, hooves and tail.

Cooking Instructions:

Remove all packaging and prepare Roasting Pig by marinating or basting (for best results allow to marinate overnight).

Roast low and slow until core temperature reaches 74°C.  Cook times will vary depending on cooking method, distance from the heat source and the size of the spit roast.

As a Guide:

10kg pig: 4 hours
15kg pig: 5 hours
20 kg pig: 6 hours

Ways to Cook:

Perfectly suited to any celebration or special occasion – slow cook over a coal fire pit or BBQ on a spit or rotisserie.

Storage Instructions:

Keep frozen.  Store -18°C.  Thaw under refrigerated conditions less than 5ºC, in original packaging.  Always thaw away from other food sources and avoid contamination during thawing process.

Product is intended to be cooked prior to consumption.