Pork Belly – Rind On

Pork Belly – Rind On

 Pork Belly – Rind On
Country of Origin:
Cut Description:

Pork Belly – incredibly tender and succulent, either slow roasted or braised.
Bacon and pancetta are both made from belly.

Ways to Cook:

If you want to get that beautiful crackle – you can’t go past the oven.  However, you can also braise pork belly or slow cook it.  We’ve sliced it and diced it in a few recipes also.

Suggested Recipe:

Click here to see our Crispy Pork Belly with Caramel Vinegar recipe featuring our Costco Rind on Pork Belly.


Storage Instructions:

Keep refrigerated.  Store at 0-5°C. This product is intended to be cooked prior to consumption. Suitable for freezing. Thaw below 5°C.