Physi-Trace Technology

Physi-Trace is a scientific tool that can be employed to validate the traceability or label claim of a pork product.

The purpose of this tool is that all pork products can be traced back to their origins/source regardless of whether it is fresh, frozen or cooked. The Physi-Trace process involves the regular collection of reference samples from selected processing units.

In the event of an incident where traceability is required, Physi-Trace is used to compare the ‘suspect’ product/s with recorded samples. If a match is determined, then the source can be more quickly traced and identified, resulting in a quick resolution. In addition to this, it also allows for the rapid exclusion of unaffected product, producing areas and processors; leading to reduced interruption to supply of pork to customers.

As part of our commitment to superior quality, all of SunPork’s pork products can be traced and identified using Physi-Trace.

Physi-Trace development was coordinated by Australian Pork Ltd with contributions from abattoirs around Australia including Swickers Kingaroy Bacon Factory.

Turning Waste into Natural Energy

At some of our pig farms we have adopted a method of turning pig waste into energy. A great example is at Tong Park located in rural Queensland. All the effluent from our pigs is piped through to a dam that is covered with a large black tarp. The methane from this waste is then extracted and turned into energy to run the farm’s power needs. The farm is self-sufficient in winter, however currently needs a top up of electricity in summer to keep our pigs nice and cool.

The SunPork Fresh Foods supply chain advantage

Leveraging the strength and synergies of our related business partnerships; SunPork Fresh Foods works closely with our genetics (PIC Australia), farming (SunPork Group) and processing (Swickers) partners to provide excellence in all facets of the supply chain to produce healthy, safe and nutritious pork products of the highest quality standard.

Our commitment to excellence

Proudly Australian owned & operated, we are committed to delivering pork products of premium quality, freshness and taste to our valued customers. The care and precision we take in ensuring product safety and quality is matched by our commitment to customer satisfaction.