Animal Welfare

We are committed to the highest level of animal welfare and humane treatment of our pigs.

All our bacon pigs are housed in groups which gives each animal space and social involvement, allowing for interaction with others and freedom to move with high levels of access to food and clean water.

We utilise natural light and ventilation in our sheds and make sure our pigs are protected from the elements all year. Animal welfare and premium growing conditions are our highest priority.

SunPork does not utilise sow stalls. Sows are housed in a variety of group systems during their gestation period and SunPork was one of the first pig producers in the country to eliminate the use of stalls under the industry’s voluntary goals.


Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS).

All of our pork is certified by the AAWCS. This AAWCS is an independently audited program and certifies that we meet industry best practise animal welfare standards.

The committee behind AAWCS includes representatives from the government, the scientific community, animal welfare organisations, RSPCA and Animals Australia, as well as technical experts and Industry representatives.

The Committee regularly reviews standards to ensure that only farms who adhere to best practice in Australia are awarded this certification.