Three Aussie Farmers

Three Aussie Farmers 

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You might have heard we’ve got a spot of bad news for all our amazing customers out there.

Sadly, Woolworths has made the decision to de-range many of our Three Aussie Farmers products as they move towards building a wholly private label offer in the meat category. As a result, the majority of our range will no longer be available on Woolworths shelves after the 4th May.


Over the last few years, our Aussie pork products have become some of the best performing lines in our category, and we’d like to thank all our loyal customers who have supported us to get here. We’ve had a ball producing good Aussie pork for each and every one of you!


We are incredibly sad about this decision – but we’re working really hard to find a way to bring the full range back to supermarket shelves. Watch this space – we’ll keep you updated if we have any luck!


In the meantime, you can still find our Three Aussie Farmers Pork Schnitzels, Hams and Bacon Hocks in selected Woolworths stores, and our Farmhouse and Sicilian Pork Sausages in selected Coles supermarkets. Please see below for full details on what is available in your area.

Discontinued Products

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100% Aussie Pork

Australian Owned. Australian Farmed.

Over 40 years ago, 3 Aussie pig farmers from Queensland joined forces to create the SunPork Group of companies that is now the largest pig processor in Australia.

Today we operate 37 sites located in clean, green rural country settings across Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. Our farms supply SunPork Fresh Foods, which is responsible for the retail products you purchase from Supermarket chains.


All our pork is grown on our own farms, so we can promise that the freshness, quality and taste is the best it can be. Our farmers even grow some of the grain that is fed to our pigs!