Fresh Australian pork tastes great –
especially when it’s SunPork!

Over 40 years ago, 3 Aussie pig farmers from Queensland joined forces to create the SunPork Group of companies that is now the largest pig processor in Australia. We manage the entire production process – from growing our pigs, to processing the pork, to distributing it to supermarket shelves fresh for you!

Today we operate 37 sites located in clean, green rural country settings across Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. Our farms supply SunPork Fresh Foods, which is responsible for the retail products you purchase from Supermarket chains.

All our pork is grown on our own farms, so we can promise that the freshness, quality and taste is the best it can be. Our farmers even grow some of the grain that is fed to our pigs!

Our Retail Brands

You can find our 3 distinct retail brands in selected supermarkets – just look for SunPork, Three Aussie Farmers or Seven Mile in the pork section of the fresh meat cabinet.

  • 5B-Sunpork
  • 5B-ThreeAussieFarmers
  • 5B-Seven-Mile

We have a real focus on making meal times easy as well as delicious – and we kept this in mind when developing our branded pork products. We’ve done the hard work of slow cooking, marinating and seasoning our tender pork cuts with both trending and classic flavours, and continuously search for new and exciting trends to pair perfectly with our beautiful Aussie pork.

Fresh Cuts

Much of our pork is also supplied fresh through Supermarkets, so you may not always see our name. You’re quite possibly already eating our fresh hams, sausages and pork roasts from your local store! Supermarkets in Australia are very particular about where they source their fresh pork and hams. They regularly audit their suppliers to ensure the best standards and highest quality Australian pork products are delivered consistently, and we’re proud to say that we don’t just meet these standards, but regularly exceed them.


Australian owned, Australian Farmed.

All our Australian pork can be traced back to the production run, and even the farm on which it was grown, due to our investment in the science of Physi–Trace.This gives us and you the additional guarantee of quality with traceability, as we can track the origin of all our premium quality Australian pork products quickly and accurately.

At SunPork, weʼre seriously passionate about producing the best quality pork possible and keeping Aussie pork on Aussie plates.

Retail Enquiries

Phone: 07 3908 1400